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DigiLight Pro Select

The Maxibright DigiLight Pro Select 600W & 1000W The new digital power pack with 6 power modes 600W Power Modes 250W 275W Super 400W 440W Super 600W 660W Super 1000W Power Modes  400W 440W Super 600W 660W Super 1000W 1100W Super Developed with new Surge Control® software, when multiple DigiLight Pro® Select power packs are..

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Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Max 600W

Now you can use 400V system lamps in your grow room! 10% more PAR output! Choose from Philips GreenPower or Sylvania Grolux 600W, 400V system electronic lamps The Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Max is the latest in digital ballast technology, allowing you to power the new high PAR output 600W 400V glasshouse system lamps, the Philips..

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