Sun System HID Reflectors for Grow Lights

Sun System sunlight horticultural reflectors

Sun System reflectors are designed and manufactured in the United States using Precision Photometric Computer Modelling to give the brightest and most uniform light output achievable in indoor plant lighting. Sun System reflectors are proven to give a measurable increase in light output and plant growth compared to standard budget reflectors with up to 18% higher growth light output (PAR). Each reflector in the range is built with commercial grade galvanised steel housing with a durable, powder-coated finish.  95% reflective MIRO glass-coated aluminium inserts are used for maximum light output.

All Sun System air-cooled reflectors have an airtight, aerodynamic design for powerful air-cooling and hinged glass covers for easy access. This reduces ambient temperature in your growing environment, saving you money in energy costs for a highly efficient grow system.  The range covers all sizes from the Low Rider at 70 x 52 x 20cm to the Dominator XXXL at 100 x 76 x 23.5cm (length x width x height).

Sun Systems Dominator XXXL Horticultural Reflector

Sun Systems Dominator XXXL Reflector- 150mm & 200mm Air-Cooled Reflectors

The Dominator XXXL is virtually identical to the Magnum air-cooled reflector in every-way apart from the PRICE. The aim of the Dominator is to provide a cost effective replacement for the Magnum without compromising on quality.

The Dominator Reflector’s massive size ensures increased light coverage and uniformity which in turn allows for closer placement to plants. Features include a built-in socket, 4.5m lamp cord, tempered glass with glazing gasket, a hinged frame to hold the glass tightly in place ensuring that this reflector is completely sealed. Manufactured from the highest quality materials with a powder coated galvanized steel housing, highly reflective aluminium interior providing excellent reflectivity and diffusion of light. The swing stop retention cable eliminates the risk of the glass abruptly swinging down, captured thumb screws & the enclosure mechanism allows ease of use while maintaining a tight seal. The Dominator’s design has been further enhanced by the introduction of beaded rings on the air-cooling flanges to keep ducting securely in place.

Sun Systems Dominator XXXL Horticultural Reflector

Sunlight Dominator XXXL 150mm & 200mm Air-Cooled. Ref Inc. IEC Lamp Cord

Sun Systems Irradiator Horticultural Reflector

Sun Sytems Irradiator – 150mm Air-Cooled Reflector

The Irradiator will replace the Blockbuster air-cooled reflector and is virtually identical in every-way apart from the PRICE. The cost effectiveness of the Irradiator will now allow the reflector to compete on price in the market but without having to compromise on quality.

The IrradiatorTM is completely sealed with a double glass gasket for an air-tight seal. The swing stop retention cable reduces the risk of damage to the glass, captured thumb screws & the enclosure mechanism allow ease of use and ensure a tight seal. Manufactured from the highest quality materials with a powder coated galvanized steel housing, EZ Breeze aerodynamic junction box plus a highly reflective aluminium interior ensures this reflector provides excellent reflectivity and diffusion of light. The Irradiator’s design has been developed to incorporate beaded rings on the aircooling flanges to keep ducting securely in place.

Sun Systems Irradiator Horticultural Reflector

Sunlight Irradiator 150mm Air-Cooled Reflector. Ref Inc. IEC Lamp Cord

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