Sunmaster iGrow Controller and iGrow Digital Power Pack

Sunmaster iGrow ballast power pack

Sunmaster iGrow 600W power pack

Sunmaster iGrow 600W power pack

Sunmaster iGrow 600W Power Pack

The iGrow ballast is manufactured using high quality components from Venture Lighting Europe. Designed for use with the iGrow Controller the iGrow Power Pack offers total flexibility during the growing cycle by communicating with the iGrow Controller. A maximum of four iGrow Power Packs can be controlled from one iGrow Controller at any one time. The iGrow Power Pack can also be used as a 600W on/off power pack without the need for an iGrow Controller.

SUNMASTER iGROW controller is a device using Powerlinecommunication technology to control SUNMASTER digital ballasts without additional wiring. SUNMASTER iGROW controller is equipped with functions to gain maximum control over a grow lighting with simple approach for connection and settings. Functions include basic switch ON and OFF times, dimming timer, dusk and dawn simulation for continuous dimming. Its unique design contains no high voltage relays.

Key Features:

  • Up to four iGrow Power Packs can be controlled by one iGrow Controller
  • High quality components from Venture Lighting Europe
  • Enclosure cooling fins to dissipate heat from the components for cool operation
  • Can be used without an iGrow Controller as a 600W on/off digital power pack

What Can iGrow do for you?

  • Manage your complete growth cycle simply and efficent from one iGROW Controller
  • Easy programing with full text display and real time clock
    DAWN/DUSK simulation reduces shock to plants ensuring healthy, happy plants
  • DAWN/DUSK Simulation reduces humidity and condensation due to the gradual shut down of lamps
  • Upto four iGROW Ballasts can be controlled with one iGROW Controller
  • Adjustable, programmable power modes from 250W to 660W at 6W increment
  • Flexible control of lamp power and time during the growth cycle
  • iGROW Controller stores settings when power supply is switched off so no need to reset if moving locations

iGrow Technical Data

  • Input voltage: AC 220-240V 50Hz
  • Input current: max. 13A
  • Output: max. 4x 600W SUNMASTER ballasts
  • Operating temperature: 0 C – 50 C
  • Ingress protection: IP30
  • Weight: 1.8 kg
  • Dimensions: 235mm x 103mm x 65mm
  • Extension cord for AC input: Cu, min. 3×2.5mm
  • Extension cord for ballast output: Cu, min. 3×1.5mm

Download the Sunmaster igrow horticultural lighting ballast user manual »