Fluorescent Grow Lights & Horticultural Lighting Systems

Maxibright CFL reflectors horticultural lightingMaxibright CFL (Compant Fluorescent Lamp) Reflectors

The Maxibright CFL Reflector  is a wide angle single parabolic reflector. It is a high polish, heavy duty aluminium reflectorinsert with rounded corners and heavy duty lamp holder spine. The heavy duty spine prevents CFL lamps sagging in thereflector keeping them in place for optimum light reflection.

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Maxibright CFL lamps for horticultural lighting systemsMaxibright CFLs (Compant Fluorescent Lamps)

Maxibright CFLs are the best on the market, giving you excellent quality and guaranteed reliability. All lamps in theMaxibright range are energy efficient with low heat output and come complete with an integrated electronic ballast.Maxibright CFLs are available in two colour temperatures to suit each plant stage: red 2700K and blue 6400K. New to theMaxibright CFL range is the Maxibright CFL Dual Spectrum 250W. The latest in horticultural technology, they are enhanced with red and blue colour temperatures to provide both essential light wavelengths throughout the growing process. As a result you are always guaranteed optimum plant yields.

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Maxigrow fluorescent units for horticultural lightingMaxibright Fluorescent Units

Maxigrow has over 16 years of experience in the horticultural lighting industry and their Maxibright product range is always at the cutting edge of new technology. Maxibright Mk3 PL2 and Mk3 PL4 propagation lights come complete with a highly reflective aluminium reflector insert to eliminate hotspots and ensure young plants receive an optimum level of diffused light. Daylight tubes are supplied with the unit for maximum blue light output, essential for young plants in their early growing stage. The Mk3 PL2 unit comes with two 55W daylight tubes and the Mk3 PL4 unit comes with four 55W daylight tubes. Designed with hanging locations and bolts for jack chain to allow easy end user set up.

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