CAN (Ruck) RK Fans

CAN fan horticultural environment controls

CAN Ruck fans for horticultural environmental control

CAN (Ruck) RK plastic case tube fans for horticultural environmental control have an anti-corrosive, shock resistant case and are quiet and powerful. They are German made and utilise Swiss motors.  Two brackets cover each of the products in the range for easy mounting.  The external rotor motor has proved it’s reliability in rough everyday operation for decades.

CAN (Ruck) RK Fan Product Options Include:

  • RK100 Fan (100mm – 220m3/h)
  • RK100L Fan (100mm – 265m3/h)
  • RK125 Fan (125mm – 275m3/h)
  • RK125L Fan (125mm – 355m3/h)
  • RK150 Fan (150mm – 470m3/h)
  • RJ150L Fan (150mm – 715m3/h)
  • RK200 Fan (200mm – 765m3/h)
  • RK250L Fan (250mm – 1130m3/h)

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