Horticultural Environment Control

CAN Ruck fans for horticultural environmental controlCAN (Ruck) RK Fans

CAN (Ruck) RK plastic case tube fans for horticultural environmental control have an anti-corrosive, shock resistant case and are quiet and powerful. They are German made and utilise Swiss motors.  Two brackets cover each of the products in the range for easy mounting.  The external rotor motor has proved it’s reliability in rough everyday operation for decades.

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CAN Ruck ISOTX acoustic insulated box fans hydroponic environment controlCAN (Ruck) ISOTX Fans

CAN-FAN Acoustic ISOTX Insulated Inline Fans are constructed for reliability and designed to minimise noise output at range. The fan range is insulated to minimise noise pollution. The high quality metal casing features a removable top plate for easy accessibility to fan section and mounting fixtures on the base to enable the unit to be fixed to a wall or ceiling. Sound insulated boxed fan 100 % Speed controllable. Easy removable fan section. Forward curved motorised impeller.

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CAN Ruck Max-Fan pro 200 2 speed

CAN (Ruck) Max & Max Pro Fans

The Max-Fan Pro Series is a range of 2 speed diagonal fans with a 3D rotor-stator system. Silent and compact, the Max-Fans are easy-to-use and easy-to-clean with an integral thermal switch and integrated mounting bracket. These fans are extremely efficient, in terms of both air movement and energy.

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CAN Ruck rigid silencer for hydroponic control

CAN (Ruck) Silencers

CAN (Ruck) silencer ranges have various options in both the rigid and flexible ranges.

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Maxifan TF Fans

The Maxifan TF Range has expanded with the launch of 7 tube fans. These single speed fans are reliable, quiet, free from air leaks and move large amounts of air quickly.

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