Maxigrow Videos:

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The Maxibright Daylight video explains the features and benefits of using the Maxibright Daylight 315W ballast with 315W CMH/CDM lamps and reflectors.

Maxibright Daylight

The Sun Systems LEC 315 reflector is ideal for use with the Maxibright DAYLIGHT 315 ballast and Philips 315W lamps. The LEC is a remote reflector offering versatility in your growing area and easy access for lamp replacement. Built from high quality materials the LEC reflector has 98% reflective German aluminium inserts and 95% reflective textured corners for excellent output, uniformity and diffusion.

Sun System LEC 315W CMH/CDM Reflector

The Revolution DEva 1000W 400V DE grow light uses state-of-the-art components and manufacturing techniques to provide users with superb performance, efficiency and reliability. The Revolution DEva has a low frequency, highly efficient, silent squarewave ballast that produces no radio interference.

DEva – The world’s most efficient grow light

Revolution DEva – We OWN this!

DEva 1000W 400V DE grow light – Launch

Revolution DEva low frequency, silent squarewave ballast – EMI performance demonstration

The “How to test your ballast for Genuine Power?” video, shows how to test your magnetic ballast to ensure it is performing correctly. All Maxibright magnetic ballasts feature the Genuine Power mark. The Genuine Power mark is to signify that the ballast, will consistently provide the correct power stated on the ballast to the lamp.

How to test your ballast for Genuine Power?

The “What is Genuine Quality?” video outlines the differences between Genuine Quality ballasts and other cheap imitations on the market. All Maxibright Compact and Compact Pro magnetic ballasts feature the Genuine Quality and Genuine Power marks.

What is Genuine Quality?

The Moonshine video explains the benefits of using Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer during the plant growth cycle to increase yields, improve taste and the quality of your plants. Moonshine is now also available in a foliar spay option.

Moonshine Nutrient Enhancer

TLED’s offer an efficient and flexible way of lighting your grow room. The 26W and  42W TLED’s are available in (Blue) Growing or (Red) Blooming options. The TLED is 93% more efficient than CFL lighting in terms PAR per watt.

Secret Jardin TLED Lights

The Lodge Grow tent – this range offers 2 in 1 stations, which allow you to enjoy a Bloom space and an area of ​​growth in the same tent. The limited height of the Lodge provides opportunities for installation in small spaces and/or with little height.

Secret Jardin Lodge Grow Tent

The DP60 is a small dedicated propagation tent available with racking system and trays. The Dark Propagator range from Secret Jardin is available with racking systems and trays ideal for propagation.

Secret Jardin Dark Propagator Grow Tent

The Jupiter II Light Mover keeps your lights slowly moving across the area so your lamps can be placed closer to your plants. Permanent shadow areas are also eliminated.

Jupiter II Light Mover

Electronically Commutated (EC) the Revolution EC Vector fans combine AC and DC voltages, bringing the best of both technologies together. Easy speed controllability, efficiency, low power consumption and higher m3/h can be achieved. State of the art energy saving brush-less EC fan technology results in absolutely no hum or vibration.

Systemair Revolution EC Fan Control – Single Fan Control

Systemair Revolution EC Fan Control – Dual Fan Control

Surge Control® software was developed so when multiple Maxibright DigiLight Pro® Select or Pro® Max power packs are started from the same power supply they will safely ignite your lamps one at a time to reduce electrical surges.

Surge Control – Safely igniting your lamps one at a time