Control Freak Products


Dynamic Frequency Controller 3A, 7A or 13A

Typically, most AC fan controllers crudely clip the AC sine wave to try to control fan speeds. Since an AC fan is designed to run on a 50Hz sine wave, the distorted wave supplied to the fan results in it buzzing. This is highly inefficient and will reduce the life of your fan. The Control Freak Frequency Controller is unique in that it precisely alters the waves frequency to control the fan speed which results in super smooth fan control. There is no buzzing, the efficiency is much greater and the fan will last much longer.

• Digital, variable speed, multiple fan controller

• Runs AC fans with absolutely no buzzing

• Temperature controlled

• Significant energy savings, only pay for what you use

• Remote thermostat

• Extends fan life and improves safety of fan operation

• Maintenance free and lightweight

• 10-100% fan adjustment for smooth and linear speed control

• Two sprung covered power sockets per unit

• Large LCD display

• Configurable min/max fan speeds, desired temp, room temp and bandwidth

• Manual option for fixed fan speed operation

Fusion Controller 4A and 8A:

The Fusion Controller is a heavy duty fan controller that automatically adjusts the speed of both the inlet and exhaust fans to maintain a set temperature and optimum negative air pressure. Once the desired temperature has been set and the maximum and minimum fan speeds, the Fusion Controller will automatically calculate the exact running speed for your fans to maintain the desired temperature.

• Electronic multiple fan speed controller

• Temperature controlled

• Completely silent fan speed operation

• Zero humming from fans

• Highly accurate temperature control

• Easy to operate automatic and manual settings

• 5m NTC temperature sensor

• 5 Step fan speed control

Dual Fan Controller 4.5A and 6A:

The Dual Controller is easy to use and is ideal for controlling inlet and exhaust fans to maintain the set desired temperature and the optimum negative pressure. 

• Digital Multiple fan speed controller

• Temperature controlled

• Easy to set – Just dial in temperature and min/max fan speeds

• Fans operate between min and max settings to maintain temperature

• “Fansync” software maintains the room temperature through constant precision fan speed control

• Smooth fan speed control for accurate and quieter running

• Highly accurate temperature adjustment of +/- 1 degrees Celsius

• Perfectly synced fans guarantee negative pressure when used with a larger exhaust/outlet fan than inlet fan

• High power capacity, will handle fans of most sizes

Intelligent Controller 5A:

A digital fan speed controller which is easy to set and automatically adjusts the fan speed to maintain the set desired temperature. 

• Temperature controlled

• Easy to set – Just dial in temperature and minimum fan speed

• Fan operates between min and max settings to maintain temperature

• “Fansync” software maintains the room temperature through constant precision fan speed control

• Smooth fan speed control for accurate and quieter running

• Highly accurate temperature adjustment of +/- 1°C

• High power capacity, will handle fans of most sizes

• 5m temperature probe (Probe sold separately)